I survived….

and want to go back for more. I did two laps tonight (still trying to figure out how far that is) and really enjoyed it. It helped that I was not the only newbie that showed up to try it out.

If this is something that you are going to try I would recommend going to a race to see what you are getting into, you can see a schedule here and doing research on the sport. When you are starting the type of bike you have is not all the important but if you keep it up look into getting a cyclocross bike.

This is a really good lower body workout when you are first starting but I have feeling as I do more it will be a great full body workout. I am very happy that I put my nerves aside and did it. I hope to have more to report on my progress.

Next up to try for me is Hot Yoga on Monday.


Day 1

Today I am trying something new, no not blogging, I have done that before. I am going to try Cyclocross a form of bike racing. This is something scary but cool sounding to me. I found out about this sport at the beginning of the summer when I started looking into getting a bike. It sounded like something that I would never try but hey look at me today.

I recently meet a person that does Cyclocross in town and he is willing to show my how it works. He even offered to bring me a bike. What more could a girl ask for? Apparently this is not something a lot of girls do so there is a campaign to get more of us involved. Not saying I will compete anytime soon, or ever, but it is always fun to try new things and maybe one day win a prize.

I wont lie, I am super nervous about this. Most of the comes from not know what I am doing. I also am not sure what the scene will be like, how many people are going to watching me and what are the saying about the crazy girl. But I WILL do it and I hope to report that it was fun.

Also the 2013 World Championship Cyclocross will be in Louisville, KY. This is the first time it will ever be held outside of Europe. It will be nice to know what is going on when it does arrive so another good reason for me to get involved.

I will update you all on how it went, if I survive :).