Hot Hot Hot Yoga

And when I say hot I mean hot, 105F for 75 minutes. Now I like it hot, summer and I are best friends but this, this was more than I expected. I did however make it though the whole class only having to skip a few poses and getting dizzy once (perfectly natural according the instructor.) I did my research and tried to properly prepare for the class. I drank and drank and drank water throughout the day and did not eat anything 3 hours before. I took a full water bottle with me to class and it was gone by the time the 75 minutes was over. I also went home and had another 32 oz of water before bed.

I did Bikram Hot Yoga at Betsy’s Hot Yoga Louisville. I got a deal that allows me 10 classes to see if I like it and if it is helping me. I am primarily trying this out to see if it will help me with my back. I was told the only thing that will really help it is to strength it and in research yoga seems to help a lot of people with back issues. I am also doing it to try to improve my over all well-being. I am attracted to things that are non conventional in helping over all health so this is one of my first steps to stop turning to antibiotics and other over the counter medicines.

I enjoyed the experience of trying something new and working my body in a different ways. I think that over time this could help me be better at the other activities I am already involved in. I might have to find a few more deals to help support me in this adventure but for now I have 9 more class to sweat it out and learn.

What are your experiences with Yoga? Did you like it? Did it help? Where did you go?


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