Giving Thanks

A quick post just to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your support.

I had a really tough week last week and lots of people were there for me and for this I am grateful.


Product Review: Vibram Five Fingers

“OMG I LOVE my Vibram Five Finger“, this is what I heard from people every time I would ask them about the funny shoes they had on. It is no secret that I love shoes so why not get a pair that I can do all kinds of different adventurous stuff in?

I bought my Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek in August from The Trail Store and have not looked back. I researched and listen to people about how to “break them in”. You cannot just put them on for a full day and not be in pain. You have to train your body to be comfortable in them because you are using a different muscle group by going virtually barefoot. So for a few hours everyday I would wear them around and reluctantly take them off. After about two weeks I was up to wearing them for a full day with no pain or blisters.

Their first major test was The Rocky Mountains. I went to visit my best friend in September for a few days and we did a 6.3 mile hike. They did as expected, GREAT. I was a little sore the next day but nothing major. They earned an A from me on performance and comfort. My only complaint was ventilation. I would have like my feet to be a little cooler on the hot day. Below is a picture of them at the top of trail.

I am in Love

Sense then I have tried several other activities in them and as I try more I will post about them. Below you can find a list that I have done so far and how they did. Want me to try a an activity in them? Let me know.

I am now one of those people who says “I LOVE my Vibram Five Fingers” when people ask me about them.


Hiking: A they did great and my feet were not sore at all after. Plenty of support.

Kayaking: A Give me great traction while carrying my boat and comfortable in the boat with me for long paddle. They dried fast and my feet did not get cold.

Rock Climbing: D not the best plan for them. They did not grip the rock right and my toes are not strong enough to really hold me like I needed.

Trail Running: A Although it did take some getting used to and I had to think at first about going pad first not heel but once I did I could really feel a difference. Your calves will also hurt the first few times but they will get better. Here is a great video about barefoot running (or in your fivefinger).

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