Spinning Addiction

A few weeks ago I went to spinning class. A friend of mine has been talking about spinning class for years now and trying to get me to go. I was talking about how it was going to suck to run in the freezing @ss cold. She suggested I join her at the new spinning studio, Still Spinnin‘ to see how I like it. Let me think about this for a minute, run outside and have frozen snot or ride a stationary bike inside with music, a good friend and heat? # 2 please for the win.

I really had no idea what I was getting into other than the fact that it was an hour long class and Red Headed Photographer loves every minute of it. I arrive super early, RHP helped me get my bike to all the right levels and make sure I was fitted to it. Then we warmed up a little. Or I should say I warmed up, she talked.

Then it started. Warm up stretches with some slow peddling. Okay I can handle this. Now it is getting faster and faster and WHAT! turn the knob thingy to make it harder and do it again oh and one more time? RHP what did you get me into? Okay the start was not really that bad, I do have some athletic ability but I knew this was just the beginning. We get all warmed up and then we stand. Okay standing this is not so bad. Okay I am getting this down. Umm we have been at this standing peddling thing for a while now, mister instructor sir can we sit now, please? Then I hear “8 more minutes, come on keep it steady”? WHAT? 8. More. Minutes? I did not make it the next 8 minutes standing but I did keep pedaling.

Over all it was a great workout and a nice alternative to running. I have been back sense and did better. I made it standing the entire time and even kept up with the resistance and Civil Racer joined me. He was the only boy in the class and I am pretty sure the ladies behind us were quite excited that he was there. There was also a deejay spinning music so it gave the class a nice beat to work out too.

I got a pass for 3 classes to try it a few more times. I can now see what RHP has been talking about. Not sure if I will ever be as addicted as her but I would defiantly recommend it to try. Research a little and find a class that will fit what you need, I have learned they are all a little bit different.


2011 Goals

I think goals are important. I like making them more than a resolution because I suck at resolutions. I also like check-list and I can check off goals on a list more than I can a resolution. I have little post-it notes with all kinds of check-lists on them all over my desk. There is something so satisfying to me about checking things off the list that I usually add more just to I can check it off.

Below is the start to my 2011 Goals. I am sure there will be more and I will update as I add and accomplish. Hope this inspires you to make a goal list of your own.

Christine 2011 Goals:
1. Get credit card paid off

2. Remodel Kitchen

3. Go on a real vacation

4. Race in my first cycling race

5. Be 100% on my Kayak roll

6. Try a new adventure (any suggestions)?

7. Improve my blogging skills

8. Make something crafty

9. Clean out my closet

10. Take more pictures and learn how to edited them

What are your 2011 Goals?

6 people, 7 dogs and one Picture

This past weekend my family and I helped out with the Kentucky Humane Society’s Picture Your Pet with Santa. This is something we have been doing for years and really enjoy it. My dad is Santa, mom works with the pet and photographer, sis and I recruit volunteers, lil sis and big cousin work the printer, Uncle and little cousin work registration and payment and my Aunt greets people as they walk in. Let me tell you it is always an adventure. We have had all kinds of animals that people want pictured and we do not say no to any of them. For the most part we get dogs and a few cats but we have also seen a horse, ferrets, snakes, bunnies, birds, and a Japanese chicken. Santa is a great sport with all as he sits there for 6 hours and had been very lucky to have never been bit.

If you have an animal I encourage you to take it to one of the 9 area Feeders Supply locations this coming weekend and help out KHS. Check out my family with all the crazy dogs that own us.

I hate running

I always have. I would tell people in high school that I played defense on the Field Hockey team because they do the least amount of running. Part of its my short attention span and part of it is takes so long to go so little. I have signed up for two mini-marathons and not made it to either.

A few weeks ago, Civil Racer suggest we start running trails together. Okay a new spin on running for me, why not try it again? Maybe trails would be more interesting and I would have someone to encourage me along the way (and something not so bad to look at in front of me). We hit the trails and on the first day did about a mile, with a little walking. Not so bad for me. I know some people can run and run and run but not me. I have asthma and it takes some conditioning for my lungs not feel like they are going to stop working.

So one mile down. Next week we added a little more and a damn (not really) big hill. As the weeks pass it is getting darker and darker earlier and earlier as well as colder and colder this is probably about the time I would call it quits but not this time. The cold weather is not good for someone with bad lungs so my progress is not as good as I would have liked but still improving. Lucky for me Civil Racer is super supportive and still encouraging.

Due to an unexpected family emergency I was unable to run for two weeks so I was a little nervous about the 2 miles that Civil Racer had told me we were going to do. All day I was giving myself pep talks. So come 7pm it was time to run and what did the weather do, RAIN? Ugg, my “I hate running attitude” was emerging but I sucked it up and just did it. And the cute new running jacket I got needed to broken in. Come to find out running in the light rain on a wonderful November night (and by wonderful I mean 60 degrees) was not so bad. I know you are probably as shocked as I am by this comment but really I really enjoyed it and felt really good. The 2 miles felt so good I was even willing to sprint at the end. So maybe my mind is changing a little bit about running, maybe just maybe there is a mini in my future (shh don’t tell CivilRace).