I hate running

I always have. I would tell people in high school that I played defense on the Field Hockey team because they do the least amount of running. Part of its my short attention span and part of it is takes so long to go so little. I have signed up for two mini-marathons and not made it to either.

A few weeks ago, Civil Racer suggest we start running trails together. Okay a new spin on running for me, why not try it again? Maybe trails would be more interesting and I would have someone to encourage me along the way (and something not so bad to look at in front of me). We hit the trails and on the first day did about a mile, with a little walking. Not so bad for me. I know some people can run and run and run but not me. I have asthma and it takes some conditioning for my lungs not feel like they are going to stop working.

So one mile down. Next week we added a little more and a damn (not really) big hill. As the weeks pass it is getting darker and darker earlier and earlier as well as colder and colder this is probably about the time I would call it quits but not this time. The cold weather is not good for someone with bad lungs so my progress is not as good as I would have liked but still improving. Lucky for me Civil Racer is super supportive and still encouraging.

Due to an unexpected family emergency I was unable to run for two weeks so I was a little nervous about the 2 miles that Civil Racer had told me we were going to do. All day I was giving myself pep talks. So come 7pm it was time to run and what did the weather do, RAIN? Ugg, my “I hate running attitude” was emerging but I sucked it up and just did it. And the cute new running jacket I got needed to broken in. Come to find out running in the light rain on a wonderful November night (and by wonderful I mean 60 degrees) was not so bad. I know you are probably as shocked as I am by this comment but really I really enjoyed it and felt really good. The 2 miles felt so good I was even willing to sprint at the end. So maybe my mind is changing a little bit about running, maybe just maybe there is a mini in my future (shh don’t tell CivilRace).


One thought on “I hate running

  1. Love your blog! This is the first gander, but it’s right up my alley. I completely understand the whole running thing. I said the exact same thing in high school about field hockey and hated running, but you’re right, it’s a conditioning thing. With plenty of asthma drugs on board and the right state of mind, running can be pretty calming and fun. I still think I am a little nuts for signing up for this years MARATHON!

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