2011 Goals

I think goals are important. I like making them more than a resolution because I suck at resolutions. I also like check-list and I can check off goals on a list more than I can a resolution. I have little post-it notes with all kinds of check-lists on them all over my desk. There is something so satisfying to me about checking things off the list that I usually add more just to I can check it off.

Below is the start to my 2011 Goals. I am sure there will be more and I will update as I add and accomplish. Hope this inspires you to make a goal list of your own.

Christine 2011 Goals:
1. Get credit card paid off

2. Remodel Kitchen

3. Go on a real vacation

4. Race in my first cycling race

5. Be 100% on my Kayak roll

6. Try a new adventure (any suggestions)?

7. Improve my blogging skills

8. Make something crafty

9. Clean out my closet

10. Take more pictures and learn how to edited them

What are your 2011 Goals?


3 thoughts on “2011 Goals

  1. here’s some advice from ur favorite phd student of work performance, motivation, and achievement “make SMART goals”

    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Tangible/Time-bound (SMART)

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