Spinning Addiction

A few weeks ago I went to spinning class. A friend of mine has been talking about spinning class for years now and trying to get me to go. I was talking about how it was going to suck to run in the freezing @ss cold. She suggested I join her at the new spinning studio, Still Spinnin‘ to see how I like it. Let me think about this for a minute, run outside and have frozen snot or ride a stationary bike inside with music, a good friend and heat? # 2 please for the win.

I really had no idea what I was getting into other than the fact that it was an hour long class and Red Headed Photographer loves every minute of it. I arrive super early, RHP helped me get my bike to all the right levels and make sure I was fitted to it. Then we warmed up a little. Or I should say I warmed up, she talked.

Then it started. Warm up stretches with some slow peddling. Okay I can handle this. Now it is getting faster and faster and WHAT! turn the knob thingy to make it harder and do it again oh and one more time? RHP what did you get me into? Okay the start was not really that bad, I do have some athletic ability but I knew this was just the beginning. We get all warmed up and then we stand. Okay standing this is not so bad. Okay I am getting this down. Umm we have been at this standing peddling thing for a while now, mister instructor sir can we sit now, please? Then I hear “8 more minutes, come on keep it steady”? WHAT? 8. More. Minutes? I did not make it the next 8 minutes standing but I did keep pedaling.

Over all it was a great workout and a nice alternative to running. I have been back sense and did better. I made it standing the entire time and even kept up with the resistance and Civil Racer joined me. He was the only boy in the class and I am pretty sure the ladies behind us were quite excited that he was there. There was also a deejay spinning music so it gave the class a nice beat to work out too.

I got a pass for 3 classes to try it a few more times. I can now see what RHP has been talking about. Not sure if I will ever be as addicted as her but I would defiantly recommend it to try. Research a little and find a class that will fit what you need, I have learned they are all a little bit different.


3 thoughts on “Spinning Addiction

  1. I went with Christina (she’s a machine – I don’t know where she gets her energy) last weekend to spin and it was fun, exhausting, but fun. I wasn’t standing up as much as I would have liked but I was sore from what little standing and sitting I did do. Hope to see you the next time I go with Christina!

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