I Challenge You

At the start of the new year the gyms are packed, the workout gear is all on sale and you silently wish that people would forgo their new years resolutions to lose weight, get healthy and be more activate so you can have your nice peaceful workout time.  I know I am ready to take some people out at the spinning studio. What do you mean you have no bikes left, the class is a week away and I was here before all of them, come on! Yes my addiction has set in, thanks RHP for that. That when it is time to step back and take a deep breath and go outside.

I challenge you to skip the gym and go outside to do something good for yourself. I found that I lose weight and get tone when I am really enjoying what I am doing. This summer when I took up kayaking again I was having so much fun learning and teaching that I didn’t even realize I went down a pants size and my arms were kick ass. I mean really kick ass. I was getting my lifting in by caring boats that are 30-80 lbs. My reps and core work from paddling and my leg work out from carrying the boats to and from the water.

Find something that you love to do outside, inside, on your head, in the….well you get the point. Before you know it you will be getting into shape, loosing weight and feeling better. If you are not sure about what you want to do look at meetup.com for groups in your area that sound fun. I am part of a few, Outdoor Women of Louisville, Louisville Area Canoe and Kayak, and Louisville Hiking Meet Up. Most of the ones you find are free to join and offer different levels of involvement.

So go outside, take a deep breath, and have some FUN!


One thought on “I Challenge You

  1. i really wanna do something outdoorsy, once it gets warmer and all. definitely gonna check on the louisville hiking meetup group. and btw, loved your post on consuming louisville. 🙂

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