Pretty sure I am in love

With my new BIKE! On Sunday I got a new bike (well new to me). It is a Scott CX Comp 2009 that was never raced and in great condition, and I could not be more excited.

I know she is pretty, right?. We are still getting to know each other but I know it’s a match made in heaven. What is not is me and clipless pedals, well at least not yet. I was very nervous to try this out but I am in this to win it (okay win is a big word but ya know what I mean). With a little instruction from civil racer I go for it on the hard pavement. Not so bad, I clip in okay, ride around a bit and then it is time to stop and unclip. I do it perfectly, and I know you are all jealous of my skills, time to go home now, ttyl.

Okay not really but that would make a cooler story than me falling flat on my side with the bike on top of me and civil racer soon after as he is trying to help me up. Did I mention that I was on the hard pavement? Damn it, try #1 FAIL. I have not had this bad of a skinned knee in a long time. No worries I got back on the bike. I will do it better this time. Haha, not so much. time #2 FAIL with a few more scrapes and bruises cause I am still on the hard pavement, but no extra person falling on me this time. Maybe this is not for me, any one want a pretty new bike?

Okay not really, with a little encouragement and the cliché saying from civil racer, “Ya need to get back on the horse, darlin”, I did but this time we move to the grass (just in case try #3 is not the charm).  Try #3= WIN, I unclipped successfully this time and the next and the next and did it ever fell good, well until I hit my newly skinned knee on the pedal.

So in just a few days I have had my first bike wreck as an adult, found out lots of new bike things, and fallen in love with a bike. I promise there will be more to come as I learn more, like how to shift, change a tire, what it means to “drop my chain”, and many more new and exciting things as I try not to break a bone and race in my first ever cycling race.

What about you? What is your first time story?


6 thoughts on “Pretty sure I am in love

  1. congrats on the new bike!! and knock on wood that i’ve been much luckier so far 😉 … you get used to them pretty quick though but just remember to try not to break your fall each time, which to me sounds hard to do!

  2. I’ve been in the market for a new bike for the longest time. Congrats on the new bike but if said bike keeps beating you up….the cops will be called!

  3. I wish I could empathize, but I have never failed… at anything.

    Seriously though, look at all the scars on my body. That should be a pretty clear indicator I can fall off of flat ground.

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