You Said that was the last hill

So I did my first real road bike ride the other day on my new bike. It was lovely day in Louisville and the park was full of people running, playing and on their bikes. After a quick lesson on shifting gears Civil Racer and I left from his house and we met up with Turtle and Coach. Civil Racer had already done a furly (freaken early ride) that morning so he was really just going along to help me out and play a little in the nice weather.

We road through Seneca and Cherokee Parks. I was a little fearful as we started out, knowing that I was the slowest, least experienced person on the ride and I was still not 100% on the clipping in and out. But I put all that aside and went for it. The first part of the ride was not bad at all. I learned about staying on someone’s wheel and why, that I have good instincts when it comes to not running into the back of someone, and that I can unclip (for now) when I need to.

Oh boy here comes the first hill so I switch in to my “granny ring” under the advice of Turtle. I am learning you can do anything in your “granny ring”. I felt the burn only a little and the trip back down was great, a little scary for a first timer but the next one no brakes, I promise.

Now we are coming to my first stop. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, and I did. I was doing great until I tried to clip my right  foot back in and slipped. I did not fall, however I did get a nice bike bite. I was so worried about keeping up and not falling I did not notice it until we stopped the next time. My first of many scraps and scars along this crazy adventure I am taking.

I really did not have too much time to worry about it as I look in front of my and there is yet another hill, PS people KY is not FLAT. This one was a little longer than the first but still doable for me. And I only used the brakes a little on the way down.

Now I am feeling the burn more but getting into a grove. Then I see it. Dog Hill. You want me to ride up that? Excuse me? Guess it is right back into the “granny ring” I go. About half way up I get some encouragement, “This is the last hill, you can do it, woohoo Christine you are looking good.” Yes I already have what is called a “fan crowd”, what can I say I am popular person. I make it to the top and the ride down was never so welcome, and yes this time no brakes were used. I am home free after all that was the last hill.

WRONG, like I said KY is not flat. If someone says to you this is the last hill do not believe them until you are at the finish line, which more than likely you will have to ride a hill to get to. What should have been said was “this is the last big hill.” But I made it up all the other hills and back down. Although Civil Racer did say I have the I am going to kill you face on a few times, but the rest of the time I was smiling.

Important notes: I did not fall (knock on wood), I learned I can do it, I will get faster, and I WANT more.

Ride Time: 1:31:24    Miles: 10.81   Max Heart Rate: 185  Avg Heart Rate: 151 Calories Burned: 899


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