Bad-Ass Women on Bikes

On Tuesday Team Fleur de Lis had its first team ride ever. It was AWESOME. Their were 6 of us that showed up to ride the park and show off some nice looking kits. We met at Bicycle Sport and rode through the lovely Seneca/Cherokee parks that Louisville is so lucky to have.

This was my first time riding with a group of people and when the park was so full of other people. I would say there were about 3000 (no exaggeration) people enjoying the parks that day, it was 80 degrees and beautiful. Lots of new challenges and a great way to learn new bike handling skills.

My goal was to hold on. It was a “no drop” ride but still I wanted to see the leaders the whole time if not keep up with them. I did it and got to lead for a bit. I was not always right up there with them but I could always see them and the main thing that held me back were the hills (please see previous blog post about me and hills). New goals are to work on hills and standing up for more power.

I really enjoyed this ride. It felt great to get out there on my bike, enjoy the weather, and learn more things about riding and about myself. I can tell that I am getting strong in mind and body. I am pushing myself more and more and become more comfortable in the saddle. I think I would have kept riding if it had not been for the sun setting. I do not have blinkies  (flashing lights) on my bike yet but should by next week so I can go a bit longer.

If you are a girl bike rider in the Louisville area  and want to join us we meet at 6pm in the parking lot of Bicycle Sport. For now we are going at an easy pace as not to drop anyone but as time goes on we will pick it up.


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