Tired but happy

WOW what a weekend. Sometimes my crazy adventurous life gets me in trouble, in a tired way, but I like it that way. My weekend started on Friday night with a reunion of sorts with some people I went through a 10 month program with called Bingham Fellows in 09-10. Then Civil Racer and I went to dinner. He left for a golf trip at 6am on Saturday and I had a long day in front of me so it was early to bed.

AM Saturday I was up early and to Little Colonels Play House to help the big sis and big cousin with their play that opens this weekend. Then it was onto work (the second job I do for fun at the Kayak shop). I left there at 3:30 to go hang out with the bad ass chicks on bikes for our official team photo session. At this photo session we were told we were having way to much fun (um is there such a thing)? Have to tell ya I think we sold some bikes at Bicycle Sport that day just by our level of hotness. Yes I will post the team photo so you know what I am talking about.

Next it was onto a road ride with Cate and Margret. I was on a loaner road bike because of an unfortunate frame crack in my beautiful bike (insert sad face here) and it was the first time for me to ride it. I was warned that I might fall in love and not want to give it back. If someone reports a missing road bike, I have not idea where it went. I fell fully in love with it when I did not even realize I was almost to the top of dog hill (my evil hill.) Guess who is saving money for a road bike now? Thought after a nice ride in the park I would get to go home and have a nice night in with the dogs. Well I was wrong. I forgot that an old camp councilor friend of mine got married and invited sis and me to the reception so I put on a dress and went to get my dance on.

Sunday came way to early for this girl who drank a little too much beer but I was up and ready for Demo day with RCCK and a change to get in a boat. The day started cold but ended nice a hot so I was happy yet again. At the end of last paddling season JessaPaddles and I had the whole racking thing down but we got in 5 new boats this year so it was a new puzzle. Well I am proud to say we still ROCK! We work so well together is scares me sometimes. We racked 21 boats and still have 10 mins to spare.





What an awesome day to have a boat demo! We had about 30 people show up to try them out and I even got some time in a boat. It was not my whitewater boat but I was not going to be to picky today. I love sharing my knowledge of paddling with others and got to teach a little today so it made for an even better day outside. I really thought hard about going for a road ride after I was all done with the boats (6:30pm) but was just too tired. Instead I went a took a nice long bath in the Jacuzzi tub. A nice end to a long but super fun and right up my ally weekend.

Thanks for reading all about my crazy but fun life, it is only going to get more and more crazy as the weather get warmer and warmer. LOVE MY LIFE.

Not a bad day to be outside. Demo Day 4/3/2011