Ridding Rollers for the first time

A few weeks ago Civil Racer got the great idea that it would be fun to see me try to ride rollers. Me being the team player that I am said, why not? It has also been raining for weeks and I knew that this would be my only chance to get on a bike in the coming days.

I had seen people ride rollers as I watch in amazement and wonder but never thought that I would try it out much less let someone video me while trying. But I have now done both. Civil Racer gave me a quick lesson and made sure I was set up very close to a poll. That poll and I became best friends real fast.

I get on the bike and start to pedal and was informed that I would have to peddle faster if I ever wanted to stay on the rollers. So I pick up the pace a bit and feel a big difference. After a few minutes of getting the feel for being on the bike on the rollers I start to take my hand of the poll. Well that lasted all of about .05 seconds. So a few more minutes without letting go and I try again and add a few seconds more but still not moving my hand to the hoods.

Overall I liked the rollers better than the trainer and want to get better at them. I did them for about 30 mins and did get both hands to the hoods for about a second before I almost fell off. They give me something to try with all the rain that we have been having here in the south and something else for me to work towards.


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