That would be the milestones of mileage that I have been spinning lately on the road. I am trying to do a little more each time I go out and as time will allow. Todays ride was the longest but also the most hilly that I have done to date. I am trying very hard to hold on and celebrate these milestones. I hope they get bigger and bigger but I still remember what it is like to enjoy a 15 mile ride through the park.

At about 12:30 Mother’s Day Civil Racer and I set out to meet up with Red Headed Gym Rat (formally Photographer) and ChefJLewellyn about 6 miles up the road. It was the first time meet up with ChefJLewellyn for all of us and the first time Civil Racer and RHGR had gone out together.

As the trend lately, RHGR and I did not really have a plan we just wanted to do some miles and enjoy the pretty day. We have been using the term “wing it ride” and like it. It is amazing to see the city that I have lived in most of my life in a new way. This time we did the east end of Louisville and oh boy was I not ready for the hills. They are good for me right? Tell that to my knees. Still I know I am getting stronger on them so I will keep doing them.

I had fun overall and it was great getting to know a new person on the road. After a nice break and some good chatting Civil Racer and I headed back and I was informed that I was going to get my butt worked on the ride home, after all we had a tail wind and it was mostly down hill. Oh hell, never a break for me. It felt good though and it helps me to know I am stronger and able to hold on for longer then I think.

Legs are a little sore but in a good way. They feel like they got worked from all the peddling but want more tomorrow. So another ride tomorrow but probably not a new milestone. Think I might have to save that one for next weekend.


One thought on “10…15…21…25

  1. yes, it’s always good to keep your milestones in perspective! i need to do that more often myself.

    every time we go out i see you getting stronger and faster, climbing those hills with more authority than before, and always wanting to improve from the last trip out .. i cannot imagine what you’ll be like in weeks and months from now!

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