A Run, TRX and a Crash

Last week I tried on the dress I will be wearing for my little sisters wedding that is on about 6 weeks. The dress is strapless and super cute and I love it except for one problem, I have what almost every girl I know can relate to, armpit fat. Yes I said it. I put on my dress and WOW that was not there when we ordered them. Panic mood sets in. I instantly think to myself that I need to start paddling like everyday for 6 hours to buff my arms up again, well that’s not going to happen. Damn what else can I do? Light bulb and I turned to twitter. A friend of mine, I meet on twitter @Fit With Flash, is a personal trainer and all around good gal so I @ reply asking her what can I do. She suggest that we work out together.  She is a certified TRX instructor and knows how to kick your butt in a good way and all with southern charm. When I arrive at the park I am ready to work it out then she hits me with “Are you ready to run?” What? Run? I have not run in months. How about I ride my bike next to you while you run? No, darn it okay let’s go. The fun thing is she hates running as much as I do so we can complain about it the whole time. We only did about a mile because of time issues and well back to we are not runners.

Next up is TRX. I have heard Fit With Flash talk about TRX and seen some things on her blog about it but I have not had the chance to experience it myself. She takes these TRX straps and suspends them by a tree. The straps have hand/foot handles on them and can be adjusted as needed for the exercise you are doing. The point of TRX is to use your own body weight as an advantage and some other things she is much better at explaining than me.

After a some instruction I was ready to go. We did a few simple moves that I wish I could tell you the name of but cannot. Did I mention that Civil Racer was watching from afar? Yeah he looked like a crazy stalker person and was laughing the whole time. Although I cannot remember the names of the moves I was attempting I do remember telling Fit With Flash while in a rather strange position that I was going to hate life tomorrow in a good way. She said nope you will love it! And ya know what? She was right. If you are looking for a kick ass personal trainer I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazing.

After the TRX workout it was time to ride. RHP meet me at the top of the hill and we set off to get in a few miles. Well that all came to end right before we got to my arch-enemy, Dog Hill. I was doing my best to not hit the skateboarders that were not paying any attention to anyone else when one lost control stepped off his board and left it for me to ride over, or should I say CRASH over? Yeap, I crashed for the first time. I knew it was going to happen and I am glad it did when I was in the park with lots of people and it was not bad. A little road rash and some new bruises. RHP was ready to throw down with him for me but I was in no mood for a fight, just wanted to pick myself up make sure I was okay and keep on riding. Funny thing is when I told others about it they wanted to know why I did not punch, slap, yell, or hit him. Learning that my friends are violent people (including my mother) makes me feel better about having them and how much they love me. But I was a want to be skater girl back in the day myself so I guess that might have been why I did not yell at him. But next time? He better watch out and run, cause if I can get up I will punch him. I did get back on the saddle and rife Dog Hill and back up Hogans Fountain and then called it a day.

So that was my crazy day. After all was said and done I felt great. I love being outside and getting to enjoy it with friends. I love that I live in a city that lets me run, trx, and ride all from without getting in my car once it is parked. I love that I have caring friend that will beat people up for me and I love life (yes FWF you were right).


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