Birthdays are Great

Today is my blogs birthday. Lots and lots can happen in a year and did. If you have not read my first post you should. One year ago I had a borrowed bike, had no idea what it meant to be clipped in, never heard of rollers, and thought I would never race a bike. Now I own two bikes and will probably have a third soon. I can not image what it would be like to not be clipped into my peddles. You can observe my knowledge of  ridding rollers in this post here. And well if you have been keeping up with me at all in the last month you know that I raced my first, second, and third cyclocross races (I have signed up for number 4 BTW). I am on an all female cycling team that is taken Louisville by storm and proud to be able to help it get even bigger and better.

I am not sure where I wanted this blog to go, if I thought that anyone would read it, or that I would still want to be typing about my life. I don’t think I will ever be someone that post something everyday but I would like once a week or even twice. I think blogging has helped me learn somethings about myself and become a better writer. I still don’t post it without some editing but now I am not as afraid to hit the post button with a mistake.

I have made 33 posts to date, the most views I got in one day was on my Birthday and I have received great feed back and encouragement from people. I still know I have more adventures in my life that I will want to write about. Like taking 17 first graders on a camping trip (my little Daisy Girl Scout troop), racing a road race, riding my mountain bike more, and maybe skiing in Colorado. Who knows what the next year will bring, let me know if you can think of anything that I should try or that you might want to hear more about that I have already talked about.

The one thing that I can say it’s has been one hell of a year, good, bad, pretty, ugly, but a damn good one all around. I am a happy person with unhappy moments but I would rather have that than an unhappy life with happy moments.

Thanks to all of you that have read, will read (I hope), and support me and my crazy life. What is 2012 gonna bring?


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