Review of 2011 Goals

Last year around this time I posted my goal’s for 2011 and I am now working on my goals for 2012. So far I have one really big one and a few smaller ones. I am going to think about them for a few more days before putting them out there but I thought I would update everyone on what goals I did or did not accomplish in 2011. I am happy to say that I did reach many of my goals and I am okay with the ones I did not. Below you can read my updates.

Christine’s 2011 Goal’s:
1. Get credit card paid off- I am happy to say I did this. This summer I made my last payment and have only used the card when I know I will be paying it off the next month. So I am still at a $0 balance. 

2. Remodel Kitchen- This did not happen, I did however get my bathroom fixed so I could shower and replace my hot water heater so I still feel like I was accomplished in home updating. 

3. Go on a real vacation- “Real” might not have been the word I should have used. I should have said longer than a weekend vacation. I did some wonderful weekend trips and did have a week-long one planned that did not happen. Overall I had a good year in travel but 2012 is already looking better. I am spending 7 days in Colorado in February and a week somewhere with the family for my mom’s 60th birthday (it is a surprise to her as to where but expect a blog post from the location in April).  

4. Race in my first cycling race- I not only raced in my first race, I raced in 10 total races in 2011. In 2012 I this number will be higher. 

5. Be 100% on my Kayak roll- This did not happen. I tried and got it about 50% but I also only got in the kayak once. This one is on hold until I can go underwater without getting an ear infection. 

6. Try a new adventure (any suggestions)? Let’s see, this past year I raced in my first road, cyclocross, and mountain bike race, learned how to run a bike race, took over an all female cycling team, did some trail running, and other things I am sure I am leaving out. I will say I accomplished this one.   

7. Improve my blogging skills- You all can be the judge of this one, but I think I have improved. 

8. Make something crafty- Back in September my family started family craft night. We got together once a month and made different items to give away at Christmas. I also did some projects all on my owe like a Halloween wreath and some fabric flowers. I am getting better at my crafting skills and think they will expand in 2012. Somehow it makes me feel closer to my grandma, who passed away in 2010. She was an amazing crafter. 

9. Clean out my closet- DONE! It took me all year to do this one but I purged. I not only did my closet but the whole house and I am still going. After the clean out I redid my closet and made a new rule, for every new thing I put in something old has to go.  

10. Take more pictures and learn how to edited them- Not sure I took more but I did learn  new editing skills. I also inspired a 16 year old friend of mine to take pictures. I gave her my camera at a bike race and she feel in love. This makes me happy.

I am looking forward to sharing in 2012 goals with you all and working hard to make them happen. What are you 2012 goals?


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