My Birthday

I love my birthday! It means I made it another year. Another year of living life. Another year of learning. Another year of celebrating. In one week I will be 32 years old. To me my birthday is my new year. The time where I resolve to do things, plan out my goals, and look back on the past year. Over all 31 was great. It had it ups and downs but still I made it though and all of it made me stronger so now on to the adventures that await me at 32.

For my 30th birthday I asked that people send me photos wishing me a happy birthday, an idea a stole for a friend. Many of my friends sent me wonderful photos though out the day that kept me smiling (see below). Well I am bringing it back this year with an added bonus. On March 16, 2012 I am asking everyone to send me a photo in some way, email, Christine (dot) Vaughan (at) gmail(dot)com, twitter- CHRISTINEinLOU, facebook, or text. I will than post them, unless you tell me not to, on my blog for everyone to see. A panel of what I am sure will be my sisters and mom will pick out the BEST one that will WIN. What does the winner get? I will make a donation to the charity of their choice. A win win all around if ya ask me. I get to smile all day as birthday love comes pouring in and a charity will befit from your efforts.

I will send out reminders as I get closer to 32 so no one forgets 😉


One thought on “My Birthday

  1. We hope you have a happy, healthy, and memorable year, cousin. Chalk us some more great memories! 32 is a terrific age to be… xo xo Kate, Cass, Dane and Lana xo xo

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