Inspiration, IronMan Style.

Yesterday Louisville played host to IronMan for the 6th year. A few years ago I volunteered at this great event and was so inspired by the women and men that do it. 140.6 miles and hours of non-stop physical activity boggles my mind. All you IronMen and Women are AMAZING and inspiring. I will be thinking of all of you next time I am on my bike and want to stop. I will think about how hard you all worked and know that I can go just a little bit more.

I did not volunteer yesterday but did go to the finish line and watch people as they crossed. I am still amazed when they come down the shoot, to the cheers and applause, that they still have the strength to lift their hands and celebrate. All’s I’d want to do it pass out and for someone to hand me a beer and a big ol plate of pasta.

Next year I will return to volunteering. If you live in the Louisville area you should too. It is really fun and rewarding and inspiring and well lots of other really cool stuff.

Will I ever be an Iron(wo)Man? Probably not, seeing as I hate to run and all. I can swim all day and be happy. Bike,well I got that too. But never say never right (eye roll from me)? If you do IronMan I will be on your cheer team. I have a good friend that is thinking about doing it next year and I am already making plans for t-shirts, signs, and how to be in 10 places to cheer them on. It is all part of the fun.

The Finish line at IronMan Louisville KY 2012

I am AUNT!

I am so excited about this news. I am officially an Aunt to the handsome Baby John Hubert. He was born to my little sister and her hubs on August 3 at 12:18 PM. So far he has been the calmest for the longest for his Aunt Christine. I did make a deal with him, I told him if he was really good for me I would save his life one day cause that is what Aunt do. When you get in BIG BIG trouble with mom and she can’t stand the site of you, you call your aunt. I used this trick several times in my early teens (thanks Aunt Nancy). I am excited for this new adventure for our family and hope I am up to the task.

I would like to thank all my friends that have let me practice being a super cool Aunt so far, no worries I will still save your children from near death by a mom glare when they need it. Who knows one day I might need the favor returned.

My Little Glow Worm (my nickname for him)


My Lungs and Me

We are not friends at this time. I am breaking up with them. They suck, or rather they do not. I am typing this sitting at my computer hooked up to a neutralizer machine that was prescribed to me on Monday. I have to use it until next Wednesday every 4-6 hours. I was also given several other new meds to try and get my Asthma under control. This little problem has also meant that I am not on the bike or doing any exercise and it is driving me nuts. I cannot even walk up stairs with out getting winded. Uggg. The good news is all this IS helping so I just have to have a little patience. I also have to start recording what might trigger these little attacks that are coming more and more frequently. The doc thinks a few things (besides be allergic to everything) might be adding in my problems, like aspirin. I am currently in research mood on all this. Reading and looking for some more answers. All’s I know is that I will not let this rule my life. I never have and I will also not stop doing what I love. 

Anyone out there have advice for me on this one? 

I hope to be back on the bike this weekend, taking it slow and building back up to where I was a few weeks ago. We are a little over a month away from my race season starting and I want to meet my goal of being mid pack or better. So everyone wish me luck and send some good breathing vibes.

Is there Orb racing? You know the plastic bubbles people can get in and roll down a hill? Maybe I should look into that? Hum, nah I like my bikes too much :).