I am AUNT!

I am so excited about this news. I am officially an Aunt to the handsome Baby John Hubert. He was born to my little sister and her hubs on August 3 at 12:18 PM. So far he has been the calmest for the longest for his Aunt Christine. I did make a deal with him, I told him if he was really good for me I would save his life one day cause that is what Aunt do. When you get in BIG BIG trouble with mom and she can’t stand the site of you, you call your aunt. I used this trick several times in my early teens (thanks Aunt Nancy). I am excited for this new adventure for our family and hope I am up to the task.

I would like to thank all my friends that have let me practice being a super cool Aunt so far, no worries I will still save your children from near death by a mom glare when they need it. Who knows one day I might need the favor returned.

My Little Glow Worm (my nickname for him)



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