So the surgery did not go as expected. According to the doc I was so congested it was not safe for him do the procedure for the sinuses. So I am now, once again, on predniSone and will go see him in two weeks to determine the next step. For now I am still having issues breathing and Kleenex and I are besties.

The good news is he did get to work on my ear. He went in and debreaded my ear, in normal terms it means he went in a cleaned it out really really good. Apparently I had a stubborn infection that was just not going away and was in a difficult spot. Now that it is all cleaned out I am on antibiotic drops to help prevent new infection. After this I should not have anymore problems (should being the key word). If this works going under will have been worth it.

In Other news:

Expect a very exciting and interesting blog post from Girl Scout camping weekend. The leaders of Brownie Troop 628 are braving the out of doors this weekend with 17 2nd graders (and a few of their parents) for a fun-filled overnight camping trip. We did this last year with 12 of them and they loved it so much they wanted to do it again. We will be fire building, cooking, crafting hiking and much more. Pictures and stories to be posted. SO EXCITED!


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