What I did wrong in 2012

Oh the list can go on and on, and before I get comments and emails about “you did so much right”, I am going to do What I did right in 2012 and post it up tomorrow. When I say wrong it is not wrong in the sense of bad just things I know I can do better and improve on.

The biggest thing that stands out in my mind that I did wrong was not write down my goals for 2012. I do much better when things I want to accomplish are written down. I can revisit them, see them, accomplish them, and cross them off. I am a big fan of crossing things of my list. So in 2013 I will be writing down my goals and posting about them. I will also try to update as I get them accomplished.

I did not send out as many Thank You notes as I should have. I had ever intention to do so but then I let other things get in my way. Perhaps I should do A thank you note a day?

I did not go after somethings that I should have. I let fear get in my way. Yep I have a fear of rejection. Not failure, the #1 fear among US adults. And it really is only with a few things. But I need to suck it up or let I might just see some wonderful things pass me by.

I started projects that I did not finish. Nothing major just things that are now gathering dust and taking up space, both literally and mentally.

I did not save as much money as I should have or keep a very good budget for myself. A budget is something else that I need to make myself write out and follow. I am a very visual person so any time I can see something it helps.

I did not blog enough. 13 post in one year, that is sad and I know I can do better.

I am sure there are a few more things that I did wrong but I cannot remember them at this time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on What I did right in 2012 and maybe even the next day, Goals for 2013.

So what can you do better?