Week 2- All in one post

Week 2 was not all that exciting as far as living the unemployment dream. I did stuff just not a lot. Mostly stuff I did while I had a job, except I remembered how to sleep in a little.

Monday I woke up with a rash all over (I know maybe a little TMI). I was ON FIRE so while I still have good health insurance I made a doctor’s appointment. Turns out I got into something that caused a rash. My body than decided that was not enough and thought I needed hives. Yep a rash and hives. What that what? The Doc gave me a shot, some anti itch meds and an antibiotic. Oh yeah apparently I had an ear infection as well. Yes I was a mess, but I hope it is all fixed now. After all the I went home and went to bed and let the meds work.

Tuesday, meds are wonderful. I am not a big fan of taking them unless I really need them BUT I am smart enough to know I needed them. I was much happier person on Tuesday. This is also the day I decided I wanted to go to camp. So I sent an email and became a Girl Scout Day Camp volunteer. You will hear about it in my week 3 post. I also got to sit on the porch with my good friends, drink some wine and just be. Sometimes it is nice to just be.

Wednesday I spent most of the day planning Nulu Fest stuff. I love this project. It is fun for me and now I feel as though I have a little bit more time to dedicate to it. Shameless Plug: Save the Date NuLu Fest 2013 September 28 12pm-11pm 700 and 800 blocks of E. Market Street.

Thursday I also got a text from a teammate asking if I wanted to ride some trails with her. This sounded perfect to me. It is so nice to ride the trails early when most people are at work. You have them mostly to yourself. After our ride we went to the bike shop so she could get some new shoes (yep even bike shoe shopping is more fun in a group). I also decided to get new tires on my MTB after slipping more times than I could count. I really needed them and while I should not have spent the money I figure I should think of safety first. The day I was let go I had plans to go get a new (to me) MT bike so I had not really worried about new tires.

Weeks ago sissy and I bought tickets to Women and Kentucky Bourbon. It was a talk about how important women were and still are to the bourbon industry. I love bourbon and history so this was right up my ally. Sissy does too so it was a perfect talk for us. After we decided that a nice bourbon on the rocks was what we needed so we did just that. Yes, women that drink bourbon the on the rock do exist.

Friday I got to go mountain biking with some of the best ladies I know. We rolled the Cherokee Park trails and they were perfect. I also got to test out the new tires and they were amazing. No slipping cause of tires, let’s not talk about rider skills. Little changes are sometimes all ya need. I am pretty sure it was the company that I was with but it was one of the best rides of the year so far for me. After the ride I hung out with little sis and the baby. Not very exciting but I got to see little man and that is always a plus to the day.

Over all not a bad week. I enjoyed it and filled my days with family, friends, bikes and some job searching.

IMG_3876 IMG_3870




Day 5- Survived week one

Well I made it a week and have not freaked out about the job loss thing yet. Stay tuned, I am sure it will happen.

Friday June 14, 2013 was a beautiful day in Louisville and fun one for me. I was up early and ready to ride my bike with some friends. First on the list is the Big Four Bridge. Back in March the Big Four bridge opened on the Louisville side for walking, running and/or riding to the public and I had not taken the time to go across it yet. Well Friday morning that changed, I road across the bridge with two friends and really took the time to enjoy it. Something I can now cross off the Louisville bucket list.

During the ride my friends bike was having some issues. Well me being me I thought I might take a look at it. Um not my best idea of the day. Ended up having to call a friend to come and save the day so we could keep riding. Hooray for great bike shop people (He is getting some nice beer for helping). With the little hiccup in the ride we only got to do about 10 miles, but they were 10 wonderful, beautiful miles.

After the ride I had lunch with a former co-worker. We have lunch about once a month anyway and decided to keep it up. It was good to see her, even thought it had only been a week. We talked a little about AP but not much. More about what is going on with life. I liked it that way.

Next on my list, The Louisville Zoo with sis and nephew. Hello hills at The Zoo. Wow I need to walk them everyday. We have plans to try and go once a week and just enjoy it for the summer. It was nice to go with sis and talk with her and watching the animals (and the people).

A few weeks ago I made plans with some friends to go to SideBar and I was really looking forward to it. I had not been but heard good things. As the time approaches we realize we did not pick the best time day to try it out. I need to get in the habit of checking the Yum! Center calendar, the Kentucky Center for Preforming Arts calendar and other downtown calendars. WOW it was a hopping night in the city. We waited about an hour for our table. At first we were all a little grumpy about the wait because we were hungry but the owner came over got our drink order, served them to us and even gave us a little history of the drinks (talk about service). We finally got sat and the server was very good about getting to us and not making us wait any longer. Good service goes a very long way with this group. We ordered our burgers and fries and more drinks. This time I asked the owner/amazing bartender, Rich, what I should I get, after telling him of my random allergies he said he would surprise me. AND did he. He shows up with a pink drink in a martini glass. Hum pink is good, sold! He said to try it first and then he would tell me what was in it. Good thing because if he would have told me it had Gin in it before I tried it, I would have probable made a face (not a good one). But I tried it and LOVED it. What? Like I might have to go back and get another one. I also got some history of the drink. It was a Clover Club. If you find yourself downtown Louisville checkout SideBar, it is worth it. Oh and food was yummy as well.

As I said farewell for the night and headed home for bed, I went we a smile on my face. Overall my first week of unemployment was okay. Yes it sucks not to have a job BUT I have great family, friends and support.

Day 5:
Up early (like 6:45 early)

Bikes with friends

Lunch with former co-worker and friend

Zoo with sis

Drinks and dinner with friends

Life is good.

Day 4: Happy

I was just asked if I was doing okay. This is a questions I have been getting a lot. Most of the time I just answer, yeah I am doing okay, but this time I thought about it and answered that I was doing really well, happy in fact. And that is the truth. About a month ago I was trying to think back to the last time I was super happy, like all day kind of happy and could not. I had happy moments, happy things that happened in a day but a full day of happy had not happened in a while. That has changed this week. Funny how until something life changing happens we don’t always know what is wrong.

I tried to sleep in today. All week I have been waking up earlier than I did when I worked. Not to say that I slept in when I has a job but I did not have to be there until 9 and could work from home somedays. I am by far not a morning person and have never really liked to be up and moving early, tings might just be shifting. Today I did not have anything planned so I was just going to take it easy. So why was I up and ready to go before 9am? The only thing I can think of is because I am happy once again. Now to find a job that keeps me this way.

Today I got to help a friend learn something new. How to change a bike tire (not just the tube, the tire and the tube). I am letting her borrow one of my bikes. I have 3 and the one I let her use was collecting dust in my house. She started riding a lot over the last month but her bike is a beast and she was getting frustrated with working so hard on the road. I figured I would help her out but she had to learn to change the tires and tubs first. She did great with the task, much better than me my first time (I might have cried my first time). Once she mastered the tire change, I put her on the bike, fit it to her and let her ride. Lets just say not sure I am getting my bike back anytime soon. I hope it helps to keep her engaged in cycling.

Tonight I was invited to The Louisville Bloggers first meet-up. Let me tell you, the ladies that put this event on were AMAZING.  There were goody bags, cookies, wine, and prizes. What? How cool is that? And I was so excited to be able to put my name in the hat to win a great hand made prize. Most of the time I am the one planning these sort of things so I don’t enter my name to win. Well tonight it was so nice to be on the non planning side of event and sit back and enjoy. And guess what? I won an amazing pillow from the very talented Ms. EmDash.  So excited about my pillow. Thanks Em! I sort of forgot to look in my goody bag by the time I got home so I will share what was in it tomorrow. But after meeting some of the great bloggers that were in attendance I am sure it is full of wonderful.

Day 4:
Failed attempt to sleep in

Get up and apply for some jobs

Clean a little

Cuddle some very adorably dogs

Help a friend with a bike

Go to blogger meet up

Take a walk with sisters and nephew

Pep sink for install

I know my days are sooooo exciting, but hey today was my take it easy and be happy day.

Wishing you all a happy Friday.

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Day 3- Being Aunt is a Great Job

Day 3 for me was wonderful. I have a 10 month old nephew that I got to spend the day with. My sis is a teacher and had to do some professional development so I volunteered to take him for the day. And what a day we had. Overall I am not sure I could do it all day everyday but once or twice a week would be okay with me. We already have another date scheduled for Friday.

Overall while unemployed I want to do things that I cannot while working full time. I have not idea how long this not having a job thing will last (I hope not too long) but I am going to try to take full advantage of budget friendly things, suggestions are welcome. Remind myself that #outsideisfree and while I do have to be better about where my pennies are going sometimes it is okay to go to dinner with friends.

I did apply for a job yesterday. It is a goal to try to apply for a least one a day but I was also reminded yesterday by a good friend that it’s okay to enjoy the fact that I have sometime off. She knows me well and knows that I need to be reminded to step back and breath.

Day 3:
Pick up Nephew

Meet counter install people, this was the last major thing in the kitchen redo project

Pick up some cool kids and take them to splash park with nephew (yes I knew them)

Drop all kids back off to appropriate adults, including nephew

Get home and realizes a job I want to apply for closes in a few hours and needs a cover letter. So write a cover letter and hit submit.

Go to a bike race. I do this every Wednesday during June (and one in May) and have for the last 3 years. It is short track racing for mountain bikes.  I love the bike community in Louisville. They are wonderful and supportive family that had beer waiting for me. I did not race but I sure had fun.

The day started early and ended late and that was okay with me. I like being busy. I do know that I need a day of downtime but only about one a week. Think today is that day.

IMG_3824 IMG_3825IMG_3826IMG_3829IMG_3831 

Day 2 of Unemployment- Life Goes On

Today started early as the 2nd Tuesday of every month has for me over the last 2 years and 8 months. Today was another Fundraisers of Metro Louisville (FREML) meeting. I joined this group when I started with Apple Patch. After about 6 months I was asked to serve on the executive committee. It is a group I really enjoy. Smart, energetic people who like to network and share ideas. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to tell them I was no longer employed by a nonprofit. A few already knew, so that helped, but still I knew the time was coming when I would have to stand up and say “I am Christine and I am formerly with AP now I am looking for my next big adventure.” As it approached my time I stood up and well it turned out okay. I tried not to look at people as I said it to avoid the shock face. I did not hear any gasps from the audience so I sat down and life went on. And that is what I have to remember, Life Goes On. As long as I am getting up everyday and living it, it will go on.

Day 2:
FREML meeting

Take aluminum cans to recycling place. This is something dad has wanted done for a while so I thought I would help him out. Larry was very helpful in his leather chaps.

Return a few things for my sister. Not all the exciting but needed to get done.

Apply for unemployment. This took way longer than I thought it would but it is done.

Ride bikes. I did not ride mine. I got to be spoiled and ride two different Giant Bicycles. It was Giant Bike Demo day at Cherokee Park put on by a few local shops (one being Clarksville Schwinn, the best bike shop ever). So I went to the park and got to play on some really nice bikes. I fell in love and will own one, one day.


Eat dinner with a good friend. She cooked for me. I got to hang with her two munchkins (whom I adore) and catch up. It was nice.

Help Grandpa with computer issues. Yep my 87 year old grandpa has a new computer, designed for old people (his words). I am super proud of him for wanting to learn. Sis and I are vowing to help him, it might kill us both but he loves it and we love him.

Put more stuff back in the kitchen. Counter top to be installed tomorrow. Woohoo!!!

Now it is bed time. I get my nephew all day tomorrow and I am very excited about this.

Official 1st day of being unemployed

So it appears it is time for me to figure out what I want to do next. I was laid off on Friday from my job of 2 years and 8 months. Deep down I knew this was going to happen. After about a year the person that hired me left for a much better job. I went for about 6 months with no boss than a new Executive Director was hired. From almost day one I knew this was not a match made in heaven but I was going to stick it out and try. About 6 months after he started I was given a new office and a new boss. Cool. Well not really. Let’s just say I am more sad about loosing my health insurance than my job at this point in life. I love the clients that I worked for. They are the reason I was sticking around, well them and some amazing volunteers. I wanted to believe in the end it would all get better because of them. I still hope it does. But for now, it is not something I am going to spent time worrying about. I am going to look forward and figure out what is next for me.

What do I want to be when I grow up? Damn good question. One that I am going to try to answer with this time off. I have been in this spot before and just taken the first job offered because it was a job and regret it. Not this time (unless I am so poor that I HAVE to, but I don’t think it is going to come to that). For starters I have an AMAZING group of friends that have been super encouraging and willing to help. My inbox was flooded with helpful links, job postings, and words of encouragement over the weekend. Keep it coming friends, you all are truly the best. All is welcome and I will be taking your offers of help with figuring out what is next.

I am going to spend some serious time asking myself what I really do want to do. What makes me happy and can I make money doing it? Am I brave enough to work for myself? Do I need an office? I am going to ask my friends what they see in me. What do they see that I am good at doing? How do I get a job doing that? Or create one? Do I want to stay in nonprofit? I am also going to use this blog to help answer some of those questions. As well as document what I am doing day-to-day. So here goes nothing….

Day 1:

Cleaned out my old office. Got rid of a lot of junk that I had been accumulating and still have more to go though. My wonderful mother went with me. She keeps me from saying stupid things that might get me in to trouble.
Dug out the old laptop (had a work one so did not need my old friend). Cleaned it up a bit and I am now crossing my fingers that is stays working.
Hang out with family. Talked about being crafty with them and how to make some money doing that. More to come in this.
Helped sister prepare for an art project
Propagated some Hydrangeas (will up date on this)
Took nephew on walk. This was by far on of the best things I did all day.
Started blogging again.

I was supposed to go on a bike ride but the rain happened so the ride did not. I have one on the calendar for tomorrow. Guess you will have to check back to see if it happened.

Now it is time to sleep. I have an 8am meeting.