Day 2 of Unemployment- Life Goes On

Today started early as the 2nd Tuesday of every month has for me over the last 2 years and 8 months. Today was another Fundraisers of Metro Louisville (FREML) meeting. I joined this group when I started with Apple Patch. After about 6 months I was asked to serve on the executive committee. It is a group I really enjoy. Smart, energetic people who like to network and share ideas. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to tell them I was no longer employed by a nonprofit. A few already knew, so that helped, but still I knew the time was coming when I would have to stand up and say “I am Christine and I am formerly with AP now I am looking for my next big adventure.” As it approached my time I stood up and well it turned out okay. I tried not to look at people as I said it to avoid the shock face. I did not hear any gasps from the audience so I sat down and life went on. And that is what I have to remember, Life Goes On. As long as I am getting up everyday and living it, it will go on.

Day 2:
FREML meeting

Take aluminum cans to recycling place. This is something dad has wanted done for a while so I thought I would help him out. Larry was very helpful in his leather chaps.

Return a few things for my sister. Not all the exciting but needed to get done.

Apply for unemployment. This took way longer than I thought it would but it is done.

Ride bikes. I did not ride mine. I got to be spoiled and ride two different Giant Bicycles. It was Giant Bike Demo day at Cherokee Park put on by a few local shops (one being Clarksville Schwinn, the best bike shop ever). So I went to the park and got to play on some really nice bikes. I fell in love and will own one, one day.


Eat dinner with a good friend. She cooked for me. I got to hang with her two munchkins (whom I adore) and catch up. It was nice.

Help Grandpa with computer issues. Yep my 87 year old grandpa has a new computer, designed for old people (his words). I am super proud of him for wanting to learn. Sis and I are vowing to help him, it might kill us both but he loves it and we love him.

Put more stuff back in the kitchen. Counter top to be installed tomorrow. Woohoo!!!

Now it is bed time. I get my nephew all day tomorrow and I am very excited about this.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Unemployment- Life Goes On

  1. I am excited to see what happens on your next adventure…you have so much to offer~ what kind of computer did your grandpa get?

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