Day 3- Being Aunt is a Great Job

Day 3 for me was wonderful. I have a 10 month old nephew that I got to spend the day with. My sis is a teacher and had to do some professional development so I volunteered to take him for the day. And what a day we had. Overall I am not sure I could do it all day everyday but once or twice a week would be okay with me. We already have another date scheduled for Friday.

Overall while unemployed I want to do things that I cannot while working full time. I have not idea how long this not having a job thing will last (I hope not too long) but I am going to try to take full advantage of budget friendly things, suggestions are welcome. Remind myself that #outsideisfree and while I do have to be better about where my pennies are going sometimes it is okay to go to dinner with friends.

I did apply for a job yesterday. It is a goal to try to apply for a least one a day but I was also reminded yesterday by a good friend that it’s okay to enjoy the fact that I have sometime off. She knows me well and knows that I need to be reminded to step back and breath.

Day 3:
Pick up Nephew

Meet counter install people, this was the last major thing in the kitchen redo project

Pick up some cool kids and take them to splash park with nephew (yes I knew them)

Drop all kids back off to appropriate adults, including nephew

Get home and realizes a job I want to apply for closes in a few hours and needs a cover letter. So write a cover letter and hit submit.

Go to a bike race. I do this every Wednesday during June (and one in May) and have for the last 3 years. It is short track racing for mountain bikes.  I love the bike community in Louisville. They are wonderful and supportive family that had beer waiting for me. I did not race but I sure had fun.

The day started early and ended late and that was okay with me. I like being busy. I do know that I need a day of downtime but only about one a week. Think today is that day.

IMG_3824 IMG_3825IMG_3826IMG_3829IMG_3831 


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