Day 4: Happy

I was just asked if I was doing okay. This is a questions I have been getting a lot. Most of the time I just answer, yeah I am doing okay, but this time I thought about it and answered that I was doing really well, happy in fact. And that is the truth. About a month ago I was trying to think back to the last time I was super happy, like all day kind of happy and could not. I had happy moments, happy things that happened in a day but a full day of happy had not happened in a while. That has changed this week. Funny how until something life changing happens we don’t always know what is wrong.

I tried to sleep in today. All week I have been waking up earlier than I did when I worked. Not to say that I slept in when I has a job but I did not have to be there until 9 and could work from home somedays. I am by far not a morning person and have never really liked to be up and moving early, tings might just be shifting. Today I did not have anything planned so I was just going to take it easy. So why was I up and ready to go before 9am? The only thing I can think of is because I am happy once again. Now to find a job that keeps me this way.

Today I got to help a friend learn something new. How to change a bike tire (not just the tube, the tire and the tube). I am letting her borrow one of my bikes. I have 3 and the one I let her use was collecting dust in my house. She started riding a lot over the last month but her bike is a beast and she was getting frustrated with working so hard on the road. I figured I would help her out but she had to learn to change the tires and tubs first. She did great with the task, much better than me my first time (I might have cried my first time). Once she mastered the tire change, I put her on the bike, fit it to her and let her ride. Lets just say not sure I am getting my bike back anytime soon. I hope it helps to keep her engaged in cycling.

Tonight I was invited to The Louisville Bloggers first meet-up. Let me tell you, the ladies that put this event on were AMAZING.  There were goody bags, cookies, wine, and prizes. What? How cool is that? And I was so excited to be able to put my name in the hat to win a great hand made prize. Most of the time I am the one planning these sort of things so I don’t enter my name to win. Well tonight it was so nice to be on the non planning side of event and sit back and enjoy. And guess what? I won an amazing pillow from the very talented Ms. EmDash.  So excited about my pillow. Thanks Em! I sort of forgot to look in my goody bag by the time I got home so I will share what was in it tomorrow. But after meeting some of the great bloggers that were in attendance I am sure it is full of wonderful.

Day 4:
Failed attempt to sleep in

Get up and apply for some jobs

Clean a little

Cuddle some very adorably dogs

Help a friend with a bike

Go to blogger meet up

Take a walk with sisters and nephew

Pep sink for install

I know my days are sooooo exciting, but hey today was my take it easy and be happy day.

Wishing you all a happy Friday.

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