Day 5- Survived week one

Well I made it a week and have not freaked out about the job loss thing yet. Stay tuned, I am sure it will happen.

Friday June 14, 2013 was a beautiful day in Louisville and fun one for me. I was up early and ready to ride my bike with some friends. First on the list is the Big Four Bridge. Back in March the Big Four bridge opened on the Louisville side for walking, running and/or riding to the public and I had not taken the time to go across it yet. Well Friday morning that changed, I road across the bridge with two friends and really took the time to enjoy it. Something I can now cross off the Louisville bucket list.

During the ride my friends bike was having some issues. Well me being me I thought I might take a look at it. Um not my best idea of the day. Ended up having to call a friend to come and save the day so we could keep riding. Hooray for great bike shop people (He is getting some nice beer for helping). With the little hiccup in the ride we only got to do about 10 miles, but they were 10 wonderful, beautiful miles.

After the ride I had lunch with a former co-worker. We have lunch about once a month anyway and decided to keep it up. It was good to see her, even thought it had only been a week. We talked a little about AP but not much. More about what is going on with life. I liked it that way.

Next on my list, The Louisville Zoo with sis and nephew. Hello hills at The Zoo. Wow I need to walk them everyday. We have plans to try and go once a week and just enjoy it for the summer. It was nice to go with sis and talk with her and watching the animals (and the people).

A few weeks ago I made plans with some friends to go to SideBar and I was really looking forward to it. I had not been but heard good things. As the time approaches we realize we did not pick the best time day to try it out. I need to get in the habit of checking the Yum! Center calendar, the Kentucky Center for Preforming Arts calendar and other downtown calendars. WOW it was a hopping night in the city. We waited about an hour for our table. At first we were all a little grumpy about the wait because we were hungry but the owner came over got our drink order, served them to us and even gave us a little history of the drinks (talk about service). We finally got sat and the server was very good about getting to us and not making us wait any longer. Good service goes a very long way with this group. We ordered our burgers and fries and more drinks. This time I asked the owner/amazing bartender, Rich, what I should I get, after telling him of my random allergies he said he would surprise me. AND did he. He shows up with a pink drink in a martini glass. Hum pink is good, sold! He said to try it first and then he would tell me what was in it. Good thing because if he would have told me it had Gin in it before I tried it, I would have probable made a face (not a good one). But I tried it and LOVED it. What? Like I might have to go back and get another one. I also got some history of the drink. It was a Clover Club. If you find yourself downtown Louisville checkout SideBar, it is worth it. Oh and food was yummy as well.

As I said farewell for the night and headed home for bed, I went we a smile on my face. Overall my first week of unemployment was okay. Yes it sucks not to have a job BUT I have great family, friends and support.

Day 5:
Up early (like 6:45 early)

Bikes with friends

Lunch with former co-worker and friend

Zoo with sis

Drinks and dinner with friends

Life is good.


One thought on “Day 5- Survived week one

  1. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself! It was nice to meet you at the Louisville Bloggers meet up. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I’m glad your sister finds my projects to be useful!
    Happy Summer!

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