Week 2- All in one post

Week 2 was not all that exciting as far as living the unemployment dream. I did stuff just not a lot. Mostly stuff I did while I had a job, except I remembered how to sleep in a little.

Monday I woke up with a rash all over (I know maybe a little TMI). I was ON FIRE so while I still have good health insurance I made a doctor’s appointment. Turns out I got into something that caused a rash. My body than decided that was not enough and thought I needed hives. Yep a rash and hives. What that what? The Doc gave me a shot, some anti itch meds and an antibiotic. Oh yeah apparently I had an ear infection as well. Yes I was a mess, but I hope it is all fixed now. After all the I went home and went to bed and let the meds work.

Tuesday, meds are wonderful. I am not a big fan of taking them unless I really need them BUT I am smart enough to know I needed them. I was much happier person on Tuesday. This is also the day I decided I wanted to go to camp. So I sent an email and became a Girl Scout Day Camp volunteer. You will hear about it in my week 3 post. I also got to sit on the porch with my good friends, drink some wine and just be. Sometimes it is nice to just be.

Wednesday I spent most of the day planning Nulu Fest stuff. I love this project. It is fun for me and now I feel as though I have a little bit more time to dedicate to it. Shameless Plug: Save the Date NuLu Fest 2013 September 28 12pm-11pm 700 and 800 blocks of E. Market Street.

Thursday I also got a text from a teammate asking if I wanted to ride some trails with her. This sounded perfect to me. It is so nice to ride the trails early when most people are at work. You have them mostly to yourself. After our ride we went to the bike shop so she could get some new shoes (yep even bike shoe shopping is more fun in a group). I also decided to get new tires on my MTB after slipping more times than I could count. I really needed them and while I should not have spent the money I figure I should think of safety first. The day I was let go I had plans to go get a new (to me) MT bike so I had not really worried about new tires.

Weeks ago sissy and I bought tickets to Women and Kentucky Bourbon. It was a talk about how important women were and still are to the bourbon industry. I love bourbon and history so this was right up my ally. Sissy does too so it was a perfect talk for us. After we decided that a nice bourbon on the rocks was what we needed so we did just that. Yes, women that drink bourbon the on the rock do exist.

Friday I got to go mountain biking with some of the best ladies I know. We rolled the Cherokee Park trails and they were perfect. I also got to test out the new tires and they were amazing. No slipping cause of tires, let’s not talk about rider skills. Little changes are sometimes all ya need. I am pretty sure it was the company that I was with but it was one of the best rides of the year so far for me. After the ride I hung out with little sis and the baby. Not very exciting but I got to see little man and that is always a plus to the day.

Over all not a bad week. I enjoyed it and filled my days with family, friends, bikes and some job searching.

IMG_3876 IMG_3870




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