Impromptu Drink Up- Supporting someone Awesome: Damaris Phillips

This sounds like fun.

Drinks with many Ladies

Okay Louisville people, we have just added one more super cool thing on our list, and I am so happy about it. Next Sunday August 11 we are going to do an impromptu Drink Up to support the most fabulous Damaris Phillips.

Just in case you live under a rock and have no idea who Damaris is, she is the Louisville native that is one of the 3 finalists on the Food Network’s Food Network Star.

She is also an all around great person.

Soooo let’s all help in supporting her.

On Sunday August 11, there is a viewing party all throughout Molly Malone’s in the Highlands.

From what I can gather the party starts at 8pm and goes till about 11pm.

So who is with me?

Oh and this “drink up” is not just for the ladies this time.

Men, this is your chance so come on…

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