2014 Goals- To be updates as needed

One thing I know, for sure, about myself is that if I write my goals down I am much more likely to accomplish them, so here goes for 2014. Wish me luck :). I am starting out with 14 goals for 2014- I think I like the idea of keep a running list of 14, if I accomplish one, I add one and so on.

1) Find a job- not just any job, a job I want, enjoy and see myself doing for a while

2) Read all book-club books

3) Travel more

4) Cook at home more

5) Set and follow a budget

6) Get healthy

7) Make 502 Social a reality

8) Remind myself that everything happens for a reason- some good, some bad, some great

9)Race my bike again

10) Complete a Mountain Bike Race

11) Learn more about Bourbon

12) Get more things published

13) Sell my Bourbon Suckers

14) Create stronger relationships with friends

That is my 14 for now. I hope to update this list as things happen or my life changes. I skipped doing this the last few years and can tell that I should not have. I need list and check marks and accountability to myself.

What are your 2014 Goals?


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