Life back to normal, or normal for me

Another NuLu Fest is in the books (for the most part) and my life might calm down for a bit. If you know me, you know my life never really calms down, and that is okay with me. I go go go most of the time. But who knows, maybe this fall, I will stop and enjoy the pumpkins a little more before all the stilly cold white stuff buries us all under.

I love fall. The beautiful colors, the smell of outdoor fire pits, Halloween, pumpkins, soup, and boots. It is hard to pinpoint my favorite thing about fall. Pumpkins make me smile and I have the most fabulous boot collection. I also love my sweaters and back porch sitting around my fire pit. If I had my way fall would be a year round thing. Maybe the BF will build me a fall room? Is that a thing? I will have to go and search Pinterest.
What are your favorite things about fall?

Cutest pumpkin in the patch
Nephews first pumpkin picking in 2012

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