2015 recap part 2

2015 recap part 2

I thought that I should break my 2015 into two parts cause so much great stuff happened, not because I am trying to reach my goal of more blogging ;).

I realized as I was putting this all together, that 2015 was a pretty great year. Bad things happened, I am sure, but I cannot remember them so they must not have been that bad, right? Or maybe I just choose to focus on the positive and forget the negative? Whatever it is, you are just getting all the good.

IMG_3389.JPGVacation time! This year NPR and I spent a fun week in Michage. He is from the land of the mitten and this is the second year we have vacationed in the resort town of Luddington, MI. with his family. And when I say family I am talking aunt, uncles and cousin, the whole gang. They are wonderful fun family and know how to have a fun time. I really enjoy hanging out with them and getting to know my husbands family a little more. I also got to see where NPR grew up and meet his grandparents for the first time. We are going back in 2016 and maybe this year I will not need the to huddle around the campfire to keep warm.

I picked up a new hobby in 2015. One I never would have guessed me doing. I joined a circus gym called Suspend and it is ah-mazing. I am learning all sorts of new things, like silks, and aerial hoop, and aerial yoga. I also have discovered a wonderful group of people that are unlike most. They are completely accepting and loving and happy. It is a world that I find myself completely comfortable in.

Sister announced that she is pregnant with baby #2- My baby sister and her hubs gave me my first blood related nephew in 2013. That little man is now 3 and I love him more than I could of ever thought possible. In 2016, they are gonna have another baby! I am so excited that I can hardly stand it. More little ones to love and spoil.

IMG_4060Wedding- So I GOT MARRIED! Yep, that was pretty much the highlight of my 2015. The event planner got to plan her dream event, and that it was. NPR likes a good party as well, so with that in mind, we set put to plan the party of the year. We picked October 31, 2015 as our day, yep Halloween, cause why not? It was perfect for us. We set out for the party of the year and that is what we produced. We ate, we drank, we said “I do” and life is wonderful, most of the time. If life were prefect then it would not be nearly as much fun or rewarding.

Surgery (again) – On December 2 I have my 5th sinus surgery, and what should be the last because, really there is not much more that can be done. I will not go into details about all of this, but I am still recovering and hopeful that it will help and that I can get off the yucky steroids that I have been on for way too long.

IMG_3484My big sister got engaged and she is getting married in Dinsny World! OMG I am probably way more excited about this that I should be. Not the sister getting married part cause that is pretty damn awesome, and I am really excited about this and should be, but the Dinsny World part. I also get to help plan her wedding and that makes my event planning heart happy. Who’s up for another Vaughan wedding? I am!

Like I said, 2015 was a pretty amazing year and I am very excited to see what 2016 has in store. I hope to better about being on top of it in the blog rather than recapping.


2015 recap part 1

Another year is ending and what a year it was for me. 2015 brought more change than many other years in my life. It was overall a wonderful year and I hope the 2016 is just as good.

IMG_2101In late 2014, my love, NPR (yes, those really are his initials), proposed to me. It was a cool and rainy night and just perfect for us. That set the stage for the whirlwind and wonderful 2015. Some of the highlights are below.

In January NPR and I moved into our new house. It is a great house, not too far from my old house. It is much better for hosting friend (one of my favorite things to do). It also is great for all of NPR’s bikes. He has lots of room to store them and work on them. The only think I miss about the old house is the yard and my lovely patio. But the tradeoff was well worth it. We both love the house and all the potential it has.

IMG_2338In February I got a new job with a local startup news publication, Insider Louisville. One that I love. I work with some pretty great people, that I am learning from daily. I was a little uncertain what I was getting myself into when I took the job. I have worked for lots of nonprofit and a few big companies, but never a start-up. One big thing I learned was that a startup is a lot like a nonprofit. It reminds me of my early days at Apple Patch, where work life was fun and the work was rewarding. I get to learn new skills and teach skills that I have. I offer up ideas that are not dismissed, or if they are I am told why. I am trusted to do my job and have been told I do it well. That makes this little ESFJ a happy camper and happy to go to work.

NPR gets a new job. My love is a very talented bike mechanic (I say the best in the city, but I might be a little bias). He is now working for a local shop that really values his talent and where he can have fun being him. On Your Left, is an amazing shop owned by two pretty cool dudes that know a lot about bikes. This makes NPR happy and exited to go to work. If you need your bike fixed or tuned go see NPR. You can also pick up some gear while you’re there. Heck, you can get a whole new bike while you are at it.

How cool that both of us love our jobs?

This year I took a big step and invested in learning how to be a better small business owner. Now I am not looking to leave the previous mentioned job, but it also loves that I have a brand, 502 Social is fun for me and allows me to be creative in ways that my job does not. So the big step was taking a business class that was offered though NAWBO. It was a great class of 8 women that learn a lot from each other and the class. I am very glad I did it, and hope to keep applying what I learned in 2016.

More to come …