I wrote this a few weeks ago and have been sitting on it but now I feel I need to put it out there.
I am setting here, with my sisters and cousin, writing my Grandpa’s eulogy, as is tradition in my family for the grandkids to do so. With the other 3 grandparents I don’t remember it being this hard. I was reminded there was copious amounts of bourbon involved with the first grandparent in 2008, and that helped. The other two are a blur from time passing and grif.
This Sunday afternoon, my family surrounding me, words are not coming as I would have liked. He was an amazing man who loved to tell stories and would tell them to anything breathing. A proud WWII vet that hated me owning a Japanese car and told me every chance he got. When I got my tattoos he would talk with my other grandfather about how to sandblast them off. He also never understood anyone that was lactose intolerant being a proud dairyman. These are all strong memories I have of him and count my blessings.
Growing up and into adulthood, I was told how lucky it was to have all of my grandparents as long as I did and I should never take advantage of that. Trust me, I did not. Maybe that is why it has been so hard saying goodbye to the last one?
I bought my first house 3 doors from him and my grandmother. I never thought twice about it being so close to them as a bad thing. I loved being there, he would walk my dogs, watch the house, and let me know all the good, bad and ugly of the neighborhood. He took pride in my living there and so did I.
I could go on and on about the love I had for him and for that I am thankful. I am one special person for to have known him and for him to have touched my life. I will forever be grateful for that.
My heart is still aching and I know that will go one for a while, I also know it will get easier with time but I will always miss him, as I miss my other grandparents.
He lived an amazing 90 years and had a hell of a time while he was here. He loved and was loved.

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