This past weekend I went camping with the lovely girls of troop 628. This is not something new to the troop but we did check out another council’s camp that was not that far from us but that is not really what I want to highlight, although it was a pretty great trip.

We returned on Sunday and most of the girl’s parents were waiting on us and whisked them away as soon as we let them go. One of our leaders that had gone with us but did not drive went to load up her car and discovered she had a flat tire. It is hard to tell you the defeated feeling that comes, after a very long 36 hours with 5th graders at camp, when you discover a flat tire when alls you want to go is go home, shower, and do nothing. Adulting is hard, y’all.

The adults that went were all still hanging around, as well as a few of the girls and after weighing some options. The adults huddled up and decided that we needed to make this a learning opportunity for the girls. Who need’s AAA? Not troop 628, nope. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Cause why not teach 6 5th graders how to change a tire? Note: we were in a parking lot with lots of space and lots of room to work with.

To my surprise our girls were really into wanting to learn how to do it #likeagirlscout.

As we got to work on the lesson we had a few very nice people stop and ask us if we wanted help, our girls looked at them and said, we got this, but thanks. Two of the girls parents showed up to get them and the job was not done, they begged to stay and finished and the parents let them (go parents). Over all it took us a lot longer to change that tire then it should have, but now 6 girl know how to change a tire if they ever need to and our leader got home safe. They all pitches in, asked questions, and worked together to get it done. I am so proud of them.

These are the moments that make being a Girl Scout leader worth it. The teachable moments, when you’re tired, everyone is tired, but your band together to get the job done and help improve the lives of girls. I was taught how to change a tire when in Girl Scouts and have had to use that skills on more than one occasion, now I got to have a handt in teaching the next generation an important life skill.

I hope to share more #likeagirlscout post of the next little bit as I try and get back into writing more.

Please enjoy these pictures of some amazing strong girls that I am happy to help lead.

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