My intent to blog everyday is not going so well, but hey 3 times in one week is still pretty good for me. I did stick to eating pretty healthy this week. However I did break down and have soda but not as much as I usually would, so for this week of starting out I will take it as a win.

As far as movement goes I did some meditation at home and that was about it besides my Tuesday night Yoga class. I did choose to ride my commuter bike to my parents house as few times but that is only 8 houses one way. This coming week I am going to do more Yoga and try and use that Y membership that has been collecting dust for the last 2 months.

I did cook a few more times this week. On Wednesday a friend came over and we made a brown sugar glazed salmon, smashed potatoes and green beans from Home Chef. Overall it was a good meal. Because of having such a big lunch I did not eat much for dinner.

Thursday I was at a conference all day and I was very surprised by the food. Breakfast was eggs, yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit. Lunch was a make you own salad buffet. With lots of veggies to add to your greens.

For the evening I toured Buffalo Trace and got to have some amazing food in small bits so that made it easy to not overeat.

Friday I got to spend sometime at the iconic Churchill Downs and this was the day I went a little off the healthy eating plan. I went to a Luncheon to hear Joy Mangano speak about her book. The food, although amazing, was not great for eating healthy, but I did manage to avoid dessert.

Last night was our family’s annual chili cook-off. Year after year I enter a chili and have never won- well that all changes this year! I won. I entered a vegetarian chili this time around and that was the key. I also made it up as I went but did document so I can recreat. This is always a fun event filled with family and friends. Let’s not talk about the desserts that should have there own contest (some pics below).

Tonight for dinner I cleaned out the fridge. My husband hates leftovers so I have to get creative if I want him to eat them. I took the roasted veggies from earlier this week and cooked them up with some of my family’s homemade sausage and scrambled up some eggs.  I also heated up some flour tortilla shells and we made a sort of scrabbled burrito. It turned out well and he at it all up.

This week I am going to tackle some beef that my aunt and uncle provided from their farm. I don’t cook a lot of red meat so this will be new to me. I also want to try my pressure cooker that I got as a wedding present and have never used. We shall see how it all turns out.

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