A Glittery Star

Today I was gifted star. Like forreal a glitter star appeared on my bag today.  I was picking up my niece and nephew from daycare and look down and found it, just hanging out there on my bag. It made me smile and got me thinking.

Recently a pillar of our community and someone I have know sense I was in middle school passed away due to cancer. Everywhere she went she spread glitter and shine. She was someone who would wave her magic fairy wand and smile and all would be okay, at least for the time you shared space with her. Our community has suffered this lose together and we will celebrate her life together soon. Everyone has a great story about her, but to me she was my best friends older sister who was nice to me and I never thought back in 8th grade that I would be friends with her later in life. 

I would like to think the star I found today on my bag was her way of saying “hi” and letting me know to take a deep breath and make it work. My life has not been ideal as of late. Not bad but not where I thought I would be in my late 30’s. This star might be the nice little kick in the ass I need to make my life what I want. 

I might just have to fram this star.