It’s Birthday Week

It’s Birthday Week
This is from a few years ago, but still a fun birthday party.

I love my birthday. Always have and always will. In my family a birthday is a BIG deal. It is like congrats you made it another year, we need to celebrate. My mom makes us our favorite meal including dessert, and the whole family gathers and enjoys. The best part? You get out of kitchen duty for the night (trust me that is big in my family).

Over the last few years I have been camping with the #besttroopever on my birthday and it was a lot of fun, but this year with it being the in the middle of the week I am home and have a fun filled week planned that I am going to try and capture in photos.

My husband and my birthdays are 3 days apart so we try and celebrate together, just us with a nice dinner out and some good ole conversation. This is a nice treat for us with our busy lives.

Overall, I am super excited for what is to come out of this week and excited to be turning another year older tomorrow.

What is your favorite birthday tradition?


My Birthday

I love my birthday! It means I made it another year. Another year of living life. Another year of learning. Another year of celebrating. In one week I will be 32 years old. To me my birthday is my new year. The time where I resolve to do things, plan out my goals, and look back on the past year. Over all 31 was great. It had it ups and downs but still I made it though and all of it made me stronger so now on to the adventures that await me at 32.

For my 30th birthday I asked that people send me photos wishing me a happy birthday, an idea a stole for a friend. Many of my friends sent me wonderful photos though out the day that kept me smiling (see below). Well I am bringing it back this year with an added bonus. On March 16, 2012 I am asking everyone to send me a photo in some way, email, Christine (dot) Vaughan (at) gmail(dot)com, twitter- CHRISTINEinLOU, facebook, or text. I will than post them, unless you tell me not to, on my blog for everyone to see. A panel of what I am sure will be my sisters and mom will pick out the BEST one that will WIN. What does the winner get? I will make a donation to the charity of their choice. A win win all around if ya ask me. I get to smile all day as birthday love comes pouring in and a charity will befit from your efforts.

I will send out reminders as I get closer to 32 so no one forgets 😉