Day 2 of 40

Meal plan is set for the next 3 days. I work up this morning and made myself some scrambled eggs and had some coffee. Lunch was a chicken sausage with some mustard and ketchup and water. For dinner I made oven roasted Balsamic chicken with roasted brussel sprouts, purple fingerling potatoes, and sweet potatoes and hot tea. Overall I am proud of my food choices today.

I also made it to Yoga and it was wonderful. Just what my body and mind needed. If you are looking for a chill, small class size yoga, check out Haley’s Tuesday night classes at the Peterson Dumesnil House.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get to a class at the Y or set my bike up to ride. Not sure yet and will depending on timing and weather.

I am calling day two a success and onto day three.




Day one of forty days of health

I am doing it. I am going to get healthy. I am challenging myself to 40 days of health. I will do something everyday to get healthier.

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Michigan and I did without soda the whole time. Three days with no soda. That is step one for me. Limit, even eliminate, my soda intake. I have also been making a more conscious effort on my water intake.

Everyday I will be taking steps to take more care of me so I can be a better person. Today I hope to do some sort of workout. I will be in the car a total of 6 hours and really need to get my muscles moving.

Tomorrow I have already scheduled a Yoga class that is being taught by the amazing Hailey Heishman. I am also going to sit down and make a meal plan so I don’t fall into the rut of grabbing something unhealthy because I did not plan accordingly.

This will be hard. I suck and following a schedule, a plan, a pattern. But I am also good at accomplishing goals when I set them out and make them known. So today is Day One of Forty.

Tonight I managed to make a healthy dinner of Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. It was really good and filling. I love the soup in the fall. I am also getting ready to start my meal plan. I will update the blog with what I am doing and make as it will help to keep me accountable.

What is your favorite healthy food to make? Eat?

Dinner day 1- Roasted butternut squash soup.