It’s Official

I am on a bicycle racing team! I joined an all female team that is brand spakin new in the wold of cycling, kind of like me. We are made up of several different skill levels, ages, types and the types of racing we do. Team Fleur de Lis is going to take the racing world by storm in our purple and black kits. We are all beautiful and spunky women that are ready to kick some butt. From what I can tell racing bikes among women is not very popular, the fields are always smaller and people get really excited to hear you are a woman that wants to race. I am not sure why this is but cycling is not the only sport where men out number the women by a lot. In my other sport, kayaking, the men always out number the women like 5 to 1, especially if you are talking about whitewater. So ladies come on out and play! I promise you will have fun and learn.

As the team does things I will make posts and hopefully have some pictures. This is for sure going to help me reach one of my 2011 goals of racing in a cycling race. I hope to learn from all of these women and get better at this new hobby of mine. Who know’s maybe I will see some of you out there.

PS: Thanks to our wonderful team sponsors. Bicycle Sport INC.Challenge, Kenda Tires, Heine Brothers Coffee,  and Work It Out Therapeutic Massage.